Out of the Abyss

Out of the Frying Pan

In the last episode of Out of the Abyss, our downtrodden heroes continued their escape effort. The evening fired up with a brutal combat with the drow masters of the garrisson and a handful of their quaggoth servants. The slaveband withdrew to the guard tower once it became clear the drow were too powerful for the poorly armed group, but once their captors began applying magic, the party decided that action was necessary.

Out the back door they crept, across the bridge to a platform that peered into darkness with the crashing waterfall in the distance. One by one, they scaled the wall, seeking to get as close to the waterfall as possible before leaping into the web-choked darkness below. Once the drow became alert to their ploy, some of the escapees went so far as to desperately jump from the platform… and pray that they clear enough space to avoid where the rope like webs below were thickest.

Down they fell, with most of them striking a pool of water far below. Some did not reach the pool, and were stranded above, dangling from sticky strands of spidersilk. As the group worked to recover all of the hanging companions, a large grey ooze lashed out at any that remained in the water. Massive pseudopods battered the heroes mercilessly until they were able to all fall back from the pool.

Sitting in the shadow of a massive fungus covered stone outcrop, the group discussed their options. Jimjar the deep gnome suggested the north passage, where he could guide them to the deep gnome city. The drow of the group urged caution, for also to the north can be found the dangers of the drow city stronghold of Menzoberranzan.

Weary and weak, the group set forth northward…