Out of the Abyss

The Temple of Ooze

The heroes arose from the dust and debris of the cave in, checking themselves for grievous injury and broken limbs. Fortunate to find themselves intact, but dismayed to find above them nothing but a tangled crush of massive stones and rockfall. The small tunnel in which they found themselves was ancient… long ago sealed by a similar cave in that left no trace of an exit. However, exposed through the collapsed tunnel wall was a surface of smooth worked stone, etched in alien runes and lettering. Intrigued, and lacking options, the band did their best to clear away the debris until they were able to reveal an entrance point into this strange structure.

Within, the trappings of a long vacant temple of some sort were identified, though to what diety the temple was devoted remained a mystery. Trudging along the humid halls of the building, the group happened upon acidic gray slimes that pulsed with strange mental energy… energy that resonated violently inside the skulls of those that drew too near. Injured from the fall that brought them here, and burned and battered by the hostile oozes, the group stopped to take stock of their situation. The weapons they used against these enemies had begun to decay and pit, and food was rather scarce. The air itself was thick and stifling, and the group feared some form of airborn spore might be making it hard to breathe. Before their rest was through, they encountered another concern – water had rolled into the chamber and was rising at an alarming rate, up to their ankles in less than an hour. The group arose, and committed to no further breaks until they were clear of this place.

More gray oozed blocked their way, hassling them with mighty swipes of their bulbous pseudopods or lashing them with blasts of mental energy. At one point they found what they thought might be an ally in this unlikely place. A floating disembodied skeleton that turned out to be encased within a gelatinous cube. It spoke to them mentally with a desire to leave this place and see the "surface" that the heroes described. They allowed it to tag along, and in return it released to them its treasure that had long been floating in the quavering mass of the cube. Overcoming a pit trap filled with a horrifically caustic black ooze, the group was able to press onward through the ever deepening water, until they came upon a strange central fountain altar. While fishing valuable from the brackish water of its basin, they were assaulted by yet more of the gray slimes – forced into a desperate battle by their mindless pressing assault. Their few precious weapons warped and shriveled from their acidic forms, but they were victorious. Here they found yet another point where the water poured in from cracks in the walls and ceiling.

In a nearby natural cave, yet more of these spouts of water – damage caused by the recent geological event that brought the party here in the first place – threatened to submerge the temple entirely. This cave seemed ready to collapse with the smallest disturbance, and given the pressure of the water spraying inward, such a collapse would fill the place in minutes.

In the end, the group decided their only hope would be to dig themselves out of this submerged place. Frantically excavating stones, and ignoring the rising water, they managed to squeeze through a narrow passage and swim upwards to where they hoped air might be. They came to learn that the temple sat at the bottom of a large body of water in the Darklake region, a mere 30' from the surface. All escaped save for their ally Eldeth, the dwarven scout.

Sad to lose such a valuable companion, the group followed Shushaar the Kuo-toa to the nearest beach before fully resting and continuing forth. Shuushaar advised that he knew this place well, and that the Kuo-Toa city was not far. Meanwhile, Sereth the drow warned the group that most kuo-toa are not like Shuushaar. They are more unpredicatable, and much less "refined". Acting somewhat strangely, he advised that the best destination would bo head for Stool's homeland of Neverlight Grove…


I think we did alright. Creatures that ruin weapons against a party with barely any weapons to speak of, and we managed to escape without too much problems.

The Temple of Ooze