Geulan Llorkh'aith

Whose bread I eat, their song I sing.


Geulan is 5’6" with light brown hair and silver eyes. He has the tan skin and broad figure of someone who has spent his life working outside. He is optimistic and cheerful, though from time to time something will remind him of his past and reveals the sadness that hides behind the mask. Strongly devoted to Lliira and his tasks as a Joybringer, Geulan enjoys using food to bridge the gap between peoples, and to raise spirits.


Despite his family roots in Llorkh, Geulan- along with his immediate family- spent nearly his entire life on the Trade Way as a caravan hand for the Tethyrian Merchant Guild. He left the life to pursue his faith and dedicate his life to the teachings of Lliira. After nearly a decade in the temple, Geulan missed his time on the road, and reapplied to work with the Tethyrian Merchant Guild once more, this time as a healer and spiritual guide. Usually clerics of Waukeen are found in caravans, but they agreed to take on Geulan. The caravan was eventually assigned to secure trade relations with a dwarven settlement. They entered into the subterranean passages expecting a journey of several weeks, but a drow raiding party changed that. Geulan has no idea what became of everyone else in his caravan.

Geulan Llorkh'aith

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