Kael Amikiir

Elven agent of stealth and deception


Kael is a sly and aloof Wood Elf, mostly liking to keep to himself. He likes keeping his dagger close, his crossbow loaded and his cowl low but lately being confined to the underdark without the support his cunning or stealth to come and go as he please, he feels almost trapped. He dreams of the day when he can see a town again and sit on a rooftop and bathe in the hallowed light of the moon and survey the city from above.


He has a troubled past that he doesn’t like to talk about, not that any of us captives have much to share and just like to keep focused on pushing forward out of this hell hole. He likes to use his wit and humor to deflect from talking about his past but at times can let his inner disgust of demons surface obviously from some kind of past encounters but tries to hide it as best he can.

Kael Amikiir

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