Travel Pace and Roles


  • Normal Stealth
  • Normal Perception
  • Improved Foraging
  • Easier Navigation
  • 4 miles per day


  • Normal Foraging
  • Normal Navigation
  • Normal Perception
  • No Stealth
  • 6 miles per day


  • Harder Perception
  • Harder Navigation
  • No Foraging
  • No Stealth
  • 8 miles per day

<u>Roles for Travelers</u>

When the party breaks a rest for overland travel, individuals may choose to perform one of several roles until the following camp breaks. A traveler is free to perform no role at all, or may take on a role not mentioned here.

  • Scout / Lookout: Keep watch for danger
  • Cartographer: Attempt mapping of the journey
  • Forager: Collect food and water
  • Forward Tracker: Follow tracks and watch for unusual tracks
  • Rear Tracker: Cover the group's tracks

Travel Pace and Roles

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